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  1. Vacations for Vets include accommodations only, not travel-related services.
  2. The maximum vacation period is 8 days/7 nights.
  3. 12 weeks between application and check-in date is required (This rule will be waived if you are applying for a Special Promo where you will be contacted within the next few days).
  4. Free Lodging for arrival on or during holidays or during high-demand windows of time such as Spring Break is often not available.
  5. Processing fees are non-refundable because they are used to pay for work in progress or work completed.
  6. Once the application is submitted, changes to dates and locations will not be permitted. In the event you require any changes to the dates or locations, an additional fee of $30 per change will be applied for each series of change requests via this link (Only if your reservation hasn’t been confirmed). It’s important to note that each request for changes or updates to your application results in forfeiture of your place in the queue. If no slots are available, you will need to restart your application, with time reverting back to the initial countdown. To avoid incurring additional fees, we strongly advise meticulously reviewing and confirming all dates and locations within your application before submission. Please be aware that this exception only pertains to regular applications. Special Promotion Applications cannot be altered after submission, and in the event of cancellation, forfeiture of admin fees will apply.
  7. Once you’ve received a confirmation from the Program Manager, if a change is required, the confirmation must be canceled and a new application and processing fee re-submitted entirely.
  8. Eligible categories include:
    •  Active Duty and retired service men and women from all services and categories including Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reservists on Active Duty, National Guard on Active Duty, Veterans recalled to Active Duty and Discharged Veterans providing proof of honorable service.
    • DoD civilians and MWR in direct support of the troops and Widows with the DD214 and copy of death certificate are also eligible to apply.
    • Veterans and Unmarried Widows with Proof of Active Service.
    • Bear in mind that IHOOT is a privately owned non-profit organization that does not fall under government or military mandates, regulations, or chain of command.
  9. Applicants that have been issued confirmation numbers and/or certificates of accommodations are responsible for the conduct and actions of their family members and guests.
  10. If the Resort closes due to the Pandemic, those with confirmed reservations will be allowed to reschedule without penalty. Individuals canceling while the Resort is still open must reapply entirely.
  11. Only one vacation per active duty sponsor is allowed within 365 days from the return and date of receipt of the Testimony and Photos on Google by clicking here or Facebook by clicking here as stated in paragraph 7 below. Applicants will receive updates when they’ve been received by the Vacations for Vets Program Manager. Excessively requesting updates may delay the approval process.
  12. Returning Participants are required to submit a testimony outlining their vacation experience and how it helped their family reconnect before a new application can be processed. IHOOT may request a public relations release to publish your testimony in the resort owners’ newsletters and on the IHOOT website. This will help generate more free accommodations for other services, men, women, and veterans.
  13. The Vacations for Vets Program is not responsible for injuries, property or personal damage, financial obligations, or notes signed by members prior to, during, or following the vacation.
  14. Proof of Honorable Service must be uploaded into the 2-Step Application Process.
  15. Confirmations and/or certificates will be emailed directly to applicants from the Vacations for Vets Program Manager. If a confirmed reservation is canceled for any reason, you must complete the entire application process again including submitting a new processing fee. If you cancel twice, you may be ineligible to reapply.
  16. IHOOT has no control over availability. DO NOT purchase travel-related before being issued a confirmation unless you’ve secured personally funded reservations and are hoping for the cost-savings if free accommodations are available. That way, if you receive a confirmation for free lodging for the dates and/or locations you requested, you can cancel the paid reservations and enjoy thousands of dollars of savings. Even if your Vacations for Vets locations are not available, you’ll have 365 days to submit new locations and/or dates using the existing processing fee for your next vacation request so you won’t lose it.
  17. Your only point of contact (POC) is the Vacations for Vets Program Manager. DO NOT CALL THE RESORT for any reason unless told to do so by the Program Manager because the reservations systems are different. Contacting the Resort on your own may delay work in progress or can even cancel an existing confirmation. All personal correspondence should be generated by email to applications@ihoot.org or at  Contact Us
  18. The methods of payment are accepted: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Debit or Credit Cards displaying the MasterCard, Visa logo. You may also mail certified funds to Vacations for Vets Foundation 1777 Reisterstown Road W22, PMB 415 Pikesville, Maryland 21208.
  19. If there are two eligible members in the same household, applications must be submitted at least 365 days apart. Consecutive weeks by Veterans within the same household will not be approved.
  20. A $300 deposit may be required from high-risk applicants that have canceled a confirmed reservation or canceled a confirmed reservation too close to the check-in date.
  21. If a dispute is filed with a Credit Card provider to circumvent the “non-refundable” rule, eligibility to apply for free lodging or free airfare or free ticketing through IHOOT will be permanently revoked regardless of the outcome because it causes a loss to the non-profit Foundation.