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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are retired service members or discharged veterans eligible for the Vacations for Vets Program?

Yes. Must provide Proof of Honorable Service (DD214).

What documents can be used for Proof of Honorable Service for Veterans?

Copy of DD214 (black out SSN).

What do I need for proof of Active Duty Military?

You may provide your official email address.

Are family members allowed to accompany me?

You may invite whomever you choose to accompany you to the destination with the understanding that you are responsible for their conduct and/or damages.

Can family members apply for individual vacations?

No. Spouses may complete the application for the service member. However, the actual service member’s name and email address must also be on the application and only the Active Duty member or Veteran with proper identification can check into the Resort.

Are widows of service members eligible to apply for the Program?

Widows are eligible to apply for the Program as DoD civilians, but must provide the DD214 and a copy of the death certificate. Children of active or deceased members are not eligible to apply.

Are National Guard or Reserves eligible to apply?

Yes , but only if they have served on active duty. If not currently on active duty, proof of honorable service (DD214) must be provided.

Processing fees are non-refundable because they are used to pay for work in progress or work completed.
Can the Program Manager tell me if a resort and/or dates are available before I submit the application?
No, IHOOT is NOT a travel agency. The Program Manager can NOT determine availability before the application process has been completed and submitted because the request contains all of the information needed to acquire a confirmation. Applicants are advised that applying on or during holiday periods is not recommended because free lodging is usually not available then. Applying during holiday periods should only be done if you already have personally funded reservations and are only hoping that Vacations for Vets can provide a cost savings.
Can I make changes to the dates and locations after submitting my application?
No, once your application is submitted, changes to dates and locations cannot be accommodated. It is crucial to thoroughly review all information before finalizing your submission.
To require changes to dates or locations, a nominal fee of $30 per change will be applicable for each series of change requests (Only if your reservation hasn’t been confirmed). Please utilize this link for initiating change requests. It’s important to note that each request for changes or updates to your application results in forfeiture of your place in the queue. If no slots are available, you will need to restart your application, with time reverting back to the initial countdown. Please be aware that this exception only pertains to regular applications. Special Promotion Applications cannot be altered after submission, and in the event of cancellation, forfeiture of admin fees will apply. We strongly advise meticulously reviewing and confirming all dates and locations within your application before submission to avoid incurring additional fees.
If I cancel after receiving a confirmation number and/or certificate of confirmation, am still eligible for Vacations for Vets?
Yes, however you must complete the entire online process or manual application again including submitting a new processing fee. Depending on the circumstances, you may be classified as “high risk” and be required to submit a $300 deposit. Applicants who cancel a second time may be ineligible to reapply.
How long will it be before I know the status of my application?
Can I call the Resort for status of a Request directly?